Karate Evolution "2in1" Dräkt

Karate Evolution "2in1" Dräkt

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The karate kimono for kids that grows with them! This first prize from Adidas offers the best for its young beginners.

1 kimono = 2 sizes, it's the "2 sizes in 1" system (patented)

This consists of a removable hem allowing you to adapt the length of the jacket and the pants, this is how the kimono grows with your child!

To have a size 90 cm kimono, extendable to size 100 cm, choose size "0m90"

  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Composition: Polyester (60%) and Cotton (40%)
  • Removable hems allow you to adjust the length of the sleeves and legs.
  • A detachable hem allows the length of the jacket and pants to be extended.
  • The kimono grows with your child!
  • Pants with elastic waist
  • Elastic waistband for optimal comfort
  • Dark blue woven patches
  • WKF decoration